Review: Sleeper by Kayley Loring

“I couldn’t sleep last night because she wasn’t here. Turns out I can’t sleep unless she’s in my house now. Turns out she’s what’s been missing from my life all along.”

shane miller

This book was SO delightful!  I feel like it was exactly what I needed to read right now, with the world around me pretty much a dumpster fire.  This was a light, fun read and I adored it.

Willa is a really fun heroine.  She’s smart and funny and nerdy and creative.  I love heroines that are a little on the nerdy side.  Willa reminds me a little bit of Violet from Helena Hunting’s Pucked series – which is absolutely one of my all-time favourite series.

Shane, of course, is a great leading man – both in his career as a child-actor turned movie star, and in his life.  He adores his kids, but he’s not afraid to talk about how awful it can be to be a parent sometimes – especially without a partner to help. 

The gist of the story is that Shane has had chronic insomnia for years.  He and his ex-wife are doing a pretty good job of co-parenting their twins, but it has been years since he’s had a really solid night of sleep.  Then Willa comes along to help him out as a temporary nanny for a few months, and BAM, all the sudden he’s sleeping soundly through the night – better than he has in years. 

Honestly, this book was laugh out loud funny in places, the steamy scenes are great, and it’s super low on the angst meter.  It was exactly what I wanted it to be – an escape from reality into a world I would LOVE to live in right now.  This was my first book by Kayley Loring, but it won’t be my last!