Review: Wicked Billionaire by Sawyer Bennett

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Sawyer Bennett is an automatic must-read for me.   I have LOVED both the original Wicked Horse series and the Wicked Horse Vegas series.  Wicked Billionaire is the final book in the Wicked Horse Vegas series.

Declan Blackwood is one of the wealthiest men in America, the heir to a huge hotel empire.  But he had no real family life growing up.  His parents were far more concerned with maintaining their wealth and status, and left their children to be raised by a nanny.  Fortunately for Declan, that nanny did know how to show love, and she showed him what love a looks like. 

Bailey Robbins on the other hand was raised by blue-collar, hard working parents.  While they both worked at back-breaking physical jobs that left them disabled while they were only in their 50s, their family was happy and loving.  They didn’t have much money, but what they did have was love.  Bailey knew without a doubt what it was to be loved, and to have a family she could depend on – and that could also depend on her. 

“My throat closes, and I find it hard to meet his gaze. Yet, I couldn’t tear my eyes off him if a nuclear bomb were getting ready to fall on my head.”

– bailey

When they first meet, Bailey is working 3 jobs in order to pay off a bunch of debt left to her by her ex-husband.  One of those jobs was as a housekeeper in the Blackwood Hotel in Vegas.  Declan is confused at first by the fact that Bailey doesn’t seem to give a tiny rat’s ass about his money.  He is fascinated by her, and her dedication and loyalty to her parents.  The fact that she doesn’t resent having to take care of them mystifies him.

He hires her to be his assistant, and they cross the line between employer and employee one night at the Wicked Horse, which ends up leading to much more.

 Wicked Billionaire is low-angst, which I’m loving during these stressful times.  Declan is sort of freaked out as his feelings first start to grow for Bailey, but he’s confident enough to understand he has fallen for her, and he’s smart enough to know when to hold onto a good thing.

Bailey and Declan’s story is steamy, as all of the Wicked Horse books are, but Declan and Bailey’s relationship is refreshing, because, while they come from vastly different backgrounds, they are equals and they respect each other. 

Wicked Billionaire is a great capper to the Wicked Horse Vegas series, and I can’t wait to see what Sawyer will come up with next!!

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