Review! The What If Guy by Lauren Blakely


What a fun book.  Bryn Hawthorne is the badass manager of a successful dating website, that gets sold to a new investor.  All is great until she learns that the new owner is the guy she met and had a searing hot night with – the night before meeting him at work! 

Logan is a sweet hero, he’s a great dad, he’s a great ex-husband, he treats Bryn with the utmost respect in every way..  Super swoony…

Both characters are struggling with learning how to trust again, as they were both treated pretty badly by their respective exes.  But their connection is absolutely electric, and neither one of them wants to pass up the chance that their connection could grow into more.  So they decide together that they will disclose their relationship to the rest of the company, and go from there.  But of course – it doesn’t go quite as smoothly as they may have liked!  But the end is perfect for them – fits Bryn’s personality to a T. 

My favourite parts of The What If Guy are the chapters told from the POV of Bryn and Logan’s cats: Bruce and Queen LaTofu.  The cats are hilarious as they act as counsellors and wise  to their people.  I was literally laughing out loud.  The What If Guy is super cute and a fun distraction.  Plus we get to meet the hero of Lauren’s next book – Fitz from A Guy Walks Into My Bar… I can’t wait for that one!