Review: The Wannabe Rockstar by Penny Sixsmith

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Cassie St. John is an event planner in Washington DC who lives next door to a moody but gorgeous guy named Micah.  Micah is prone to having very noisy one-night stands that Cassie gets to listen to loud and clear on the other side of their shared bedroom wall.  They run into each other while Cass is on her way home from getting dumped on Valentines day, and Micah is more than willing to let her use him for a little hate-sex.  While the one-night stand turns into a lot more than one night,  Cass still has no real desire to get to know him.  But then  Micah’s band  gets booked to play at an event she’s planning.  Seeing him in a professional environment has her thinking about him in a different way – and she starts to wonder if maybe there’s more to Micah than she thought.

Then enter Josh, owner of the event venue, and he is a genuinely nice guy who REALLY likes Cass.  Just when she swore off love completely, all of the sudden there are two gorgeous, sexy men vying for her attention. 

So it’s kind of a love triangle – ish… Cass isn’t sleeping with Josh, while she and Micah continue their string of one-night-stands. While Micah continues to be his douchey self, Josh clearly likes and respects her a lot.  So it’s the story of Cass trying to figure out what she really wants, and maybe what she really wants is neither guy…

I liked this book, but I can’t say I loved it.  There were some really funny lines, and the banter between the characters is hilarious in places, but found it hard to get attached to any of the characters.  Plus it ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, which I wasn’t expecting.  All in all it was a solid read, but I’m not chomping at the bit to read book two. 

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