Review: The Cabin by Jasinda Wilder

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Wow.   Just wow.  I cried for pretty much the whole first half of this book.  The Cabin is a heart-wrenching read.  Typically I stay away from tear-jerkers, but I LOVE Jasinda’s books, so I couldn’t resist.

Nadia’s husband, Adrian, is dying from pancreatic cancer.  But he keeps it a secret from her until he has only a few months left to live.  He keeps it from her because he knows that she will lose herself in her drive to take care of him, and he wants her to live her life fully.

Nathan is a friend of Adrian’s who lost his beloved wife unexpectedly several years earlier.  He has forgotten how to live, and in many ways he has stopped wanting to live.  When Adrian understands this about Nathan, he sets out to try and save Nadia from that same fate.  Because he knows and loves Nadia so very deeply, he understands that she needs time to grieve, but then he figures out a way to nudge her back into life.  He puts  Nathan squarely in her path, knowing they will understand each other.  He also provides Nathan with what is almost an instruction manual on how to help Nadia move forward.

The love between Nadia and Adrian is so perfect, that it’s hard to look at.  But the love that grows between Nadia and Nathan is scarred, and almost fragile at first, but it blooms into something just as beautiful as the love each of them shared with their first partners.  They understand each other so well.  They can give each other space on days when they are missing their first loves, and know that it doesn’t affect their feelings toward each other.  They are each able to accept each other wholly, which includes their first loves.

Grief, acceptance, and learning to move forward after tragedy are difficult lessons to learn. Jasinda paints such an unflinching picture of the process that even though it breaks your heart, it shows you the beauty of the human spirit as it moves through the process.  I haven’t cried so much over a book in a LONG time, but it actually felt good.  We are all living through such horrific times right now that having a good cry is cathartic.  The Cabin was an unexpected but almost perfect story for what we are going through right now. 5 perfect stars for this one.