Review: The B-Side by B. Harmony

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The B Side is such a lovely book.  Tyler and Chance are the sweetest couple.  It’s hard to believe this is B. Harmony’s first book. 

Tyler and Chance start out as roommates, and their relationship is a slow burn, since they are both nervous about getting hurt.  Tyler’s parents turned their backs on him when he came out as gay and Chance’s parents passed away in a car accident years ago, so they both understand what it’s like to lose people.  For a long time they both try to protect their hearts, feeling like a friendship might be a safer bet.  But after they develop a friendship, things almost become more complicated because they care so much about each other they don’t want to damage their friendship.  When they do finally come together, they’re scorching hot together.   For a while they try to take things slowly, but it takes one of them being in a serious accident to give them both the courage to face the fact that they are 100% in love.

 I love, love, loved this book.  I loved how both Tyler and Chance are so kind to each other, and how completely respectful they are to each other.  Even when they both have jealous feelings, or act immaturely, they are both adult enough to pull themselves out of it, and deal with each other with love and respect.  They are so mature, and I love reading stories where the drama isn’t contrived or manufactured.  Neither character created more drama by being immature! I loved The B Side, and I can’t wait to read more from B. Harmony. 

BSide easer2