Author:Becca Seymour
Series:Outback Boys #1
Characters:Trey & Mark
Published:January 14, 2021
Trope: friends to lovers

Stumble is a quick read, following Trey and Mark as they grow their tentative friendship into love. They first meet as part of an outdoorsy club called the Outback Boys and they spend a long time dancing around each other. But it’s Trey’s anxiety over a long flight from Australia to the US where their relationship starts to turn. Mark is a more seasoned traveler and he helps distract Trey from his fear of flying. When there’s a mix up with the rooms at their hotel and they have to share, well that’s it. They end up together and don’t look back.

When they get home to Australia they definitely have some issues to resolve; things like the fact that Mark is quite wealthy while Trey is more middle class, and the fact that they live over an hour away from each other. But they handle those issues like adults, and even possible roadblocks like Mark’s idiot ex-boyfriend and homophobic brother-in-law don’t manage to shake their feelings for each other.

If you’re looking for a fast and very low-angst read, set in snowy Utah and sunny Australia, put Stumble on your list and you won’t be disappointed.