Review: Storm Warning by Thom Collins

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Dexter and Jamie’s story is compelling.  Jamie is not only recovering from the death of his husband 5 years ago, but the circumstances surrounding the death have caused him PTSD that has taken him most of 5 years to learn how to manage.  Dexter, on the other hand, is a light-hearted, fun-loving guy. Raised by his famous 70’s mega-star singer mother, he has never had a meaningful relationship.  But what he feels for Jamie is different than he’s ever felt before. Jamie feels the connection as well, but he has to fight through his feelings and his fear of falling in love and then experiencing the most horrifying loss.  He knows that if he were to lose someone else he loved the way he loved Tyler, he wouldn’t survive it.

The cruise is meant to be a way for Jamie to ease back into life again.  His late husband’s sister, who adores him, had to work hard to get him to come with her on the trip.  It’s supposed to be almost a working holiday for him, but it becomes so much more when he meets Dexter and experiences the kind of attraction he never expected to ever feel again.

Dexter is so kind and compassionate with Jamie; even when Jamie tries desperately to push him away, Dexter understands. While it breaks his heart, he tries to accept that Jamie is simply not ready to fall in love again – and he may never be.

I loved the tenderness between Jamie and Dexter.  Poor Jamie is sort of thrashing around in his feelings, terrified to actually feel something for another man.  But Dexter is rock solid in his feelings.  Even though he’s never had a serious relationship, he knows from the start that his connection with Jamie is special. 

The only thing I really didn’t care for in Storm Warning was the epilogue.  It was like a completely different story started in the epilogue, and that story is a mystery, not a romance.  I like epilogues to give me an peek into the lives of the  characters down the road, but this one was really used as the start of a new story incorporating a few minor characters from Storm Warning.  It left me a little confused. Aside from that, Storm Warning is an enjoyable read with likeable characters who I was rooting for the entire story.