Review: Steele by Sawyer Bennett

This 9th book in Sawyer Bennett’s amazing Arizona Vengeance series doesn’t disappoint. 

Jim Steele is one of the older players on the Vengeance, and he’s spent a lifetime making hockey his top priority – even over his wife and daughter.  Ella, his wife, after years of fighting for Jim’s attention, decides to make a clean break and asks him for a divorce.

It’s clear from the very start that Jim and Ella never stopped loving each other, Jim just needed a kick in the butt to help him realize where his top priorities should be – and at the top of the list should be Ella and their daughter, Lucy.  Not hockey.

They are separated for a couple of months when Jim runs into Ella on a date with a new man.  Right then and there he decides he’s going to win her back.  It takes some time, but Jim really does figure out where his priorities are, and he genuinely works to earn back Ella’s trust.  He also works really hard to earn back the trust of their teenaged daughter.

We get updates on lots of the other Vengeance players and their respective wives, and it’s fun to see how their lives are all progressing. 

Steele is a sweet second-chance romance that will bring a smile to your face.  A great addition to the Vengeance series.