Review: Solitary Man by Sherilee Gray

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Cash Smith is lonely.  He has been alone on his isolated property in the Colorado wilderness for 10 years since his parents passed away.  He’s desperate for companionship and someone to love and care for. So he decides to take out an ad…   for a wife!

Riley Lewis is lonely too.  An only child whose parents have ignored her throughout her life, she has no one to turn to for support. She is utterly alone,  even when a relationship goes bad and she becomes afraid for her own safety.  She sees Cash’s ad, and something tells her to reply. 

They begin a months-long email relationship where they share their deepest secrets.  And when Cash asks Riley to marry him, she accepts.

But when they get to his isolated home in the mountains, Riley starts to realize that the man she’s living with seems very different from the man she got to know in the emails.  She needs to figure out how to get him to let her in, and see the man she got to know through his letters.  It’s a struggle, and both Riley and Cash are afraid of being alone again, but they are eventually able to work through it and find their happily ever after.

Solitary man is a delicious, steamy read.  I hadn’t read any of the other Smith Brothers books, and after I devoured Solitary Man, I read the two previous books (Mountain Man and Wild Man).  All 3 are delectable!  If you’re looking for a quick, sexy read featuring a big, huge Alpha who is gentle and even a bit insecure underneath his gruff exterior,  go for Solitary Man! Then do yourself a favour and read the other books in the series.  They’re perfect escape fantasies and I loved them.  I’ll be reading more by Sherilee Gray for sure!

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