Review: Snowman by AC Netzel

Summer Sloane is a young, upwardly mobile professional steadily climbing the corporate ladder.  With her eye on a big promotion that could net her a gorgeous office with a Manhattan skyline view and an apartment with reliable heat, she heads to the little town of Arid Falls to convince a few lakefront home owners to sell their properties so her company can develop the property with upscale condos and shopping areas.

Arid Falls is this crazy, quirky little place that’s totally obsessed with all things Christmas.  Complete with innkeepers named Holly and Kris Snow, and other townsfolk with names like Winter Green, Carol and Carroll Eng, Forrest and Ever Green, and a young couple named Joseph and Mary, who are, of course, expecting a baby and are having trouble finding a place to stay while they are traveling! (No room at the inn!!)

Summer finds herself feeling more and more guilty about trying to get the townspeople to sell their land, especially as she spends more time with landowner Nick Snow and his niece, Noelle.

When the attraction between Nick and Summer finally overwhelms them both, she realizes that maybe helping the little town preserve it’s magic is more important than developing trendy new condos.

Snowman is a quirky, cute, fun read for the holiday season.  I have to say, I had a little trouble with how ridiculous the townsfolk actually were, with their Christmas themed names and occupations like full time snow globe -repairman (like a cobbler for snow-globes)… I found myself rolling my eyes a – it veered a teeny bit too far into corny territory.  But all in all Snowman is a fun little read, and once I got to the schmexy parts, it turns out sweet Nick Snow has a very filthy mouth, which I found pretty enjoyable.  If you’re looking for a cutesy distraction this holiday season, look no further than Snowman.