Review: Semi Sweet On You by Erin Nicholas

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Wow, I LOVE Erin Nicholas.  She has absolutely hit it out of the park again with Book 4 of the Hot Cakes series set in the sweet little town of Appleby, Iowa.  Cam and Whitney’s story MIGHT just be my favourite so far of the series. 

Cam and Whitney are perfect.  High school sweethearts, Whitney broke Cam’s heart when he left to go to college 10 years earlier.  But now he’s back in town, and he’s the new owner of Whitney’s family’s bakery business. 

While Cam was off at college and out conquering the world, Whitney was working in her family’s company, dealing with the ingrained misogyny of her grandfather, father and brother, who believed that her ideas didn’t matter and the only reason she was given a job at Hot Cakes was so they could keep her under their thumbs.  But Cam rolls back into town with his group of friends who buy the company, and none of those men have the chauvinistic tendencies of her family;  they truly value her ideas.  It takes her some time to get used to being taken seriously, but once she figures it out – watch out world!  She realizes her strength and it’s such a pleasure to watch. 

One of my favourite things is watching how characters grow and change over the course of a story, and Cam and Whitney both grew a lot.  Whitney really grew into herself, and as her confidence blossomed, so did the rest of her life.  Cam grew too – he was able to lean into his nurturing, protective side, and he really, truly encouraged and believed in Whitney – even when she struggled to believe in herself.

I LOVED this installment of the Hot Cakes series and I can’t wait for the next book!  SO delicious!!