Review: Screens Apart by Charlie Novak

Screens Apart Book Cover

Simon and Taylor are housemates in London who have lived together for several months, each crushing hard on the other, but keeping it secret because they are both insecure about revealing their feelings.

Simon is a gentle giant.  He’s a big, muscular guy, but inside his big body is a sweet, gentle soul.  He’s shy, but he has a wicked sense of humour.  He also has a deliciously dirty side.  Simon has a thing for ladies’ underwear.  He loves them so much that he has an anonymous blog where he posts photos of himself wearing beautiful lingerie.  What Simon really craves is to find a man who loves him but also understands his need to be taken care of. And doesn’t mind the whole blogging thing!

Taylor is smaller physically, but his personality more than makes up for it.  He’s brash and loud and sometimes speaks before thinking.  Also wickedly smart, he has resigned himself to never finding “the one”.  Most men he dates expect him to be something he’s not: submissive.  What Taylor craves is a man to take care of and cherish.  Someone who wants him to take charge.  Something he never expects from Simon.

When Simon and Taylor finally hook up the heat is intense!  But they are both under the impression that the other one isn’t looking for anything more than a “friends with benefits” situation.  Adding to the sexual tension is the fact that Taylor LOVES Simon’s blog, and through that two of them have struck up a sort of friendship, with neither one of them having any idea of their identities! 

The only thing I didn’t love about Screens Apart was my urge to scream at both Simon and Taylor when the signs that their online friend was in fact their roommate become SO obvious. It takes both of them SO long to figure it out!  Literally, it could NOT have been more obvious, so it was frustrating when the characters were so dense! But aside from that very minor frustration, I LOVED Screens apart. 

Make sure you’ve got an ice cold drink nearby when reading it – otherwise you’re likely to melt from the heat!  It’s a super fun, sweet read with a very satisfying happy ending.  I’ll definitely be reading more from Charlie Novak.

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