Review Requests

Review Requests

I am brand new to this world of Blogging. (Do they still call it the Blogosphere?) I would LOVE to review your book! Here is the lowdown on how I expect this will work. Please know that I am new to this, so I don’t have a gauge on how busy I will get. I may have to change my process for requests if I get really busy (a girl can hope, right?)

Where Do I Post My Reviews?

Right now I have this blog, a Facebook Page, a Goodreads account and a Bookbub page. If I review your book I’ll make sure the review gets posted in all these places. I may also post my review on Amazon. However, I don’t plan to post negative reviews. If I didn’t finish your book, or just REALLY didn’t like it – I won’t review it. I’m not here to make writers feel bad. Just because it may not be to my taste doesn’t mean it’s not a great book.

What Kind of Books Will I Review?

I read contemporary romance. I especially love sports-themed books- hockey is my go-to. Cowboys and ranchers, cops and military, motorcycle club, billionaires, bad boys (who are really good underneath), rock stars and movie stars, and romantic comedies are just some of the tropes I seek out. I’ve not read much paranormal stuff, but if I saw one that I thought was compelling I’d give it a go.

Want Me to Review Your Book?

Shoot me an email at I read almost exclusively on my kindle, so sending in that format is helpful.

– Heather