Review: Out In Winter by Lane Hayes

Out In Winter is a really sweet and super low-angst story; an easy, low-stress read for stressful times!

Drew is a grad student working as a restaurant manager, and Liam is a water-polo player who’s about to graduate, but he’s not really sure about what he wants to do next.  For now he’s working at the bistro Drew manages and having a great time doing it.

Liam’s got one of those sunny personalities that everyone wants to be close to, and Drew is no different.  Drew fights his feelings – hard, but the truth is, Liam pretty much always gets what he wants in the end. 

I love this couple.  They’re funny and sweet with each other, and I loved that they were always honest. There’s a pretty hilarious scene involving a butt plug that made me both cringe and laugh.  But it showed how sweet both these guys really are, and how much they really like each other. 

Out in Winter is probably a book I’ll read again when I want an easy, comfortable read with lots of steam with some laughs thrown in for good measure.