Review: One Time Only by Lauren Blakely

This book was SO delicious!  I love Lauren’s writing, and I REALLY loved her first MM book that came out earlier this year, so I was eager to see whether her second MM story would be as good.  I really don’t know why I wondered.  One Time Only was so good I feel like I want to jump right back in and read it again!

 Jackson and Stone are SUCH a great couple.  Jackson is a surprising character in some ways – he’s such a romantic underneath the tough, stoic mask he wears as a bodyguard.  And Stone is a fun-loving sweetie; almost exactly what I would imagine a rock star to be like.  

Jackson is very risk averse since his most serious relationship was with a professional risk-taker that ended in tragedy.  Fabian had never respected the fact that Jackson was concerned for him; he went ahead and took risks anyway.  Not only that, but he left Jackson in debt due to his risky lifestyle.  Jackson has no intention of taking another risk with his own heart ever again.

But Stone is fearless in ways that are nothing like Fabian was.  Stone’s risks are of the emotional variety; he puts himself out there and risks rejection.  Jackson eventually comes to understand that these are the kinds of risks that can lead to more love and happiness than he could have ever imagined. 

One Time Only brings all the steamy love scenes that Lauren is SO good at creating, and it also hit me right in the feels.  I LOVED Jackson and Stone.  I also loved the family members we get to meet, Jackson’s sister Bethany and Stone’s brother Zane are both great characters.  And finally, the epilogue gives us a glimpse into their happy future together, and it nearly brought tears to my eyes!  This book is not to be missed if you love MM romance.  I’m so glad Lauren will be bringing us even more MM stories!