Review: One Exquisite Touch by Lauren Blakely

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Ohhhhh Myyyyyyy….  This book was SO HOT it had me panting!! 

Lauren Blakely  is always great at the steamy, juicy bits, but this one might be one of my favourites!  The super decadent world occupied by the owners of Las Vegas’s biggest, most extravagant hotels and casinos could not be a more perfect setting for Sage and Cole and Daniel’s story. 

Cole and Sage are both recovering from broken hearts, and both have channeled their energies into work in an effort to get over their pain.  Fortunately, both Sage and Cole each have a close friend who works to try and help them move forward. Daniel is Cole’s business partner, and he has secrets of his own.  Eliza is Sage’s closest friend, who is nursing a love for someone she can never have.  But both Daniel and Eliza want what is best for their friends and they are more than willing to work to help them figure out what will make them happy. 

Sage has a moment where she isn’t sure she can reconcile the two people the seems to have become – the smart, put-together businesswoman by day, and the sexually free, playful, hedonistic woman she seems to become when she is with Cole and Daniel.  But Eliza gives her amazing advice, I feel like it’s a good piece of advice for EVERYONE in our society where so many of us are taught that sex and sexuality is shameful and should be hidden:  “There is no shame in sex unless you bring it there.  There is no shame in desire.  There is no shame in wanting.  If everyone consents and everyone is safe, that’s really all that matters.”  I think this might be one of the best things I’ve read in any romance novel – it’s one I’ll remember!

“There is no shame in sex unless you bring it there. There is no shame in desire. There is no shame in wanting. If everyone consents and everyone is safe, that’s really all that matters.”

– eliza

One Exquisite Touch is a GREAT, steamy read, and if you’re looking for a lovely story anchored with some scorching juicy bits – you can’t miss this one!  It’s absolutely a 5-star read for me.  There are at least two more books coming in Lauren’s Extravagant series – and I’m seriously counting down the days until the next one!!