by Kelly Fox


December, 2021

I love Kelly Fox’s Rebel Sky Ranch series, and how it has ties to the Wrecked and Wrecked: Guardians Series because the characters from those stories are some of my all-time favorites. 

Wyatt Goodnight and his family are still grieving the loss of his wife, Renee to cancer a couple of years earlier.  Wyatt seems to be the only person on the ranch – including his late wife, who is unaware that Desi –  Renee’s younger brother, has been in love with him for years. 

Slowly, Wyatt begins to understand his feelings for Desi run much deeper than platonic brother-in-law love.  Desi is the only person in Wyatt’s life, including Renee, who has ever seen him clearly, and encouraged him to follow his own dreams, instead of changing his plans and desires to accommodate people he loves. 

Wyatt’s son, Trip, is only a couple of years younger than Desi, and the two have been best friends since they were children.  When Trip starts to suspect that Desi’s feelings about his dad aren’t just a joke meant to gross him out, he has to accept that his dad is ready to move on, and his mom’s death becomes even more real.  He doesn’t have an easy time of it at first, but the love and support of his fiance and all the others who make up the family at Rebel Sky Ranch, he finally gets it.

As with all of Kelly Fox’s books, Navarro is full of delicious heat and loads of swoony feels.  Wyatt Goodnight may be my favorite character ever, and that is saying a LOT!  Fortunately there is at least one more book in the Rebel Sky Ranch series on the way, so I don’t have to say goodbye to Wyatt and Desi just yet!

Book Cover for Navarro by Kelly Fox

The Highlights…

AuthorKelly Fox
SeriesRebel Sky Ranch #3
CharactersWyatt & Desi
Trope or ArchetypeAge Gap