Review: Natural Twenty by Charlie Novak

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Natural Twenty is the story of Jay and Leo, a bookshop owner and a flower shop owner.  Both are nerds at heart:  big Dungeons and Dragons fans, and super interested in the worlds of Steampunk and Cosplay.  It’s one of the sweetest stories I’ve read.

Jay and Leo’s respective businesses are on the same street, and their friendship blooms when Jay opens his shop and they realize they have so many common interests.  Both characters are just wonderful, sweet people – the kind of people you wish you could meet and be friends with!  Jay has some pretty serious fears about getting hurt again after a terrible relationship experience back in London, while Leo seems to be the more confident partner – he’s willing to take a few more risks with his heart by expressing his feelings sooner.     Jay is the character who experiences the most growth in Natural Twenty, which I always love to watch.  It takes Leo less time to realize how strongly he feels about Jay and it seems to scare him a little bit less.  I loved watching Jay grow from a timid, insecure kid, into a much more confident life partner and business man who is ready to take on the world as well as stand up for himself with the horrible ex-boyfriend he left behind in London.  It was VERY satisfying. 

While I adored both Leo and Jay, Jay’s best friend, Edward, is a fantastic character.  His book is coming soon and I simply can’t wait for that one!  Once again Charlie Novak has written a book I’ll certainly read again – it’s like coming back to visit with old friends: my very favourite kind of story.