Mountain Topped

by KM Neuhold & Mia Monroe


January, 2022

Bowen and Hawthorne have been best friends for years, although Bowen has always wished for more.. but Thorne is straight… or at least he always has been.  Until Bowen brings home Aldis for a hookup, and Thorne overhears them getting it on  – and it both turns him on and makes him insanely jealous!

It turns out Thorne and Aldis have a lot in common, and they begin to forge a friendship of their own.  Thorne starts experiencing all kinds of feelings for both Bowen and Aldis, and he can’t figure out what to do about them.  Good luck for him that Aldis seems to know exactly what both Bow and Thorne need – and he has no trouble leading them in the direction they want to go!

All 3 men soon find themselves in a relationship none of them was looking for, but might be the best thing that has happened to any of them.   I loved how the relationship between the three of them develops without any major crises.  They all decide communication is the key to making this unorthodox thing work – and they stick to it.  Mountain topped is sweet, funny and low-angst, which was a perfect read for the somewhat real-life angsty beginning of 2022 we’re currently living in.  Loved it.

Book Cover for Mountain Topped by KM Neuhold and Mia Monroe

The Highlights…

TitleMountain Topped
AuthorKM Neuhold & Mia Monroe
CharactersAldis, Bowen & Hawthorne
Trope or ArchetypeMMM, Gay Awakening