Review: Merry Measure by Lily Morton

If you’re looking for a sweet Christmas story to make you smile this week, look no further than Merry Measure.  Arlo is just about the cutest guy ever!  He’s such an adorable dork, but he doesn’t suffer from crap self-confidence.  He owns who he is, and he’s comfortable with it.  And he’s SO hilarious!  I don’t want to spoil it, but the scene where Arlo is dancing in his skivvies to Missy Elliott just about had me peeing my pants. 

Jack is a sweetie as well, and they are so perfect for each other.  Arlo helps to pull Jack away from his stuffy, stodgy upbringing and teaches him how to relax and have fun.  While Jack is a solid, steady foundation for Arlo, who can sometimes be a little flighty.  

Amsterdam at Christmastime is a perfect backdrop for this sweet, low angst, and hilarious story!  It’s absolutely worth a read! This was my first book by Lily Morton, and it for sure won’t be my last!!