Review: Legacy by Laura Pavlov

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GR - Legacy

OMG THIS BOOK.  I LOVE THIS BOOK!  I don’t often gush over books – even if I really love them, but Legacy really has that special something.

Ford Montgomery is a billionaire and the head of a huge media empire in San Francisco. He comes from a very close, tight-knit family and his two brothers are his best friends.  Hadley DeLuca is a spunky baker who was abandoned by her biological father and whose mother was a junkie and prostitute.  Harley is constantly trying to prove to herself and  to the world that she is nothing like her mother.  She has a business degree and a year of prestigious culinary school under her belt, and she wants to open a high-end bakery. She ends up in a business relationship with Ford and his brothers so she can have space on the ground floor of one of their buildings.

Ford is a bit of a dick to her at first, but Harley is well versed in dealing with assholes and she doesn’t take crap from anyone, especially billionaire playboys. Within a few days of meeting her, Ford realizes there is something about Harley that brings out his protective instincts.  They forge a strange sort of friendship.  Harley makes it clear that friends with benefits is something she’s never going to be interested in, and Ford manages to respect that.  Until he realizes he wants all of Harley.  Their relationship blossoms, and it’s one of the most fun love stories I’ve ever read. 

But Harley’s mother isn’t done screwing up her life just yet, and causes several problems.  But just when you think things are settling down, and they will finally find their happy ending, there’s a huge surprise in the story that I NEVER saw coming.  I LOVE when a book completely takes me off guard, and this was a great twist!  I couldn’t put it down, and devoured the book in less than a day!

Legacy was a fantastic read, and I absolutely can’t wait for the rest of the Montgomery Brothers stories to come out! 

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