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Kitty Valentine Dates A Doctor by Jillian Dodd

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When I started reading Kitty Valentine Dates A Doctor, I didn’t realize that it’s part of a series where Kitty dates all different types of men as inspiration for her books.   I was expecting the usual Happy Ever After ending, but, of course, it doesn’t happen because Kitty has to be unattached to go on to find the next man to act as her muse.  But even without the HEA, it’s a very cute story, and Kitty is a cute character. 

 It felt more realistic to me, less fantasy than other romances I tend to read.  It’s totally easy to believe that even though these two people really care for each other, one of them just isn’t ready for a relationship, and he doesn’t want to hurt her while he works through his baggage.  It seems like a very reasonable conclusion for two rational adults.  In that way it was less an escape for me – which is usually why I read romances.  I think there is a fine line between trying to keep things real enough to seem like they could happen – but at the same time ensuring that there is a guaranteed happy ending, which as we all know, is far from real-life.

Kitty Valentine Dates A Doctor falls into the sweet romance category for me.  There wasn’t a ton of action between Kitty and Jake, they are continually cockblocked when things are about to get down and dirty!  Part of me felt like I wanted to be reading the smutty book that Kitty herself is writing. 

Kitty Valentine is an enjoyable read, although I typically would choose the smuttier, slightly less realistic stories, especially right now while I’m craving escape from what’s going on in the real world.  But if you are looking for a fun, light, sweet story with funny and likeable characters, but not so many “juicy bits”, you’ll love Kitty Valentine Dates A Doctor.

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