Review: Hot Mess by Elise Faber

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Hot Mess is a modern-day fairy tale.  It’s the story of Shannon Torres and Finn Stoneman.  Shannon is a single mom with an utterly AWFUL ex-husband who ignores their daughter and is trying to literally sell their home out from under them.  Finn is a HUGE movie star who comes to Shannon’s small town to escape the paparazzi for a while after a public, on camera meltdown.

While Shannon is more distracted than Finn at first,  Finn pretty much falls in love with Shannon at first sight. He also manages to fall head over heels in love with Rylie, Shannon’s sweet 7 year old daughter. 

Because Shannon has spent her entire life trying to make herself into something she thinks others want her to be, and then being abandoned by those same people, she finds it really hard to trust Finn.  But she also understands that if she wants Rylie to grow up into a confident, self assured woman, she can’t life her life that way. So, despite her fear, she allows herself to fall for Finn.   I liked watching how Shan pushed herself out of her comfort zone and really worked at not letting fear rule her life anymore. 

Hot Mess is a great fantasy.  I would highly recommend it if you want a quick, simple story with likeable characters, low angst and a definite fairy tale ending.  Perfect for a beach or poolside read!

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