Review: Hostile Takeover

Oct 25, 2021 | Latest Reviews Old Format, Old Format Reviews, Release Blitzes

Hostile Takeover by Lucy Lennox book cover
Title:Hostile Takeover
Author:Lucy Lennox
Series:Hostile Takeover #1
Characters:Grey & Ellison
Published:October 26, 2021
Theme/TropeEnemies to Lovers, Second Chances, Billionaires


Ellison York and Grey Blackwood met at the country club when they were teenagers.  The difference was that Ellis was a member and Grey was a caddy for all the insufferable, rich assholes like Ellison’s father. 

When they were caught in a very compromising position, Ellison didn’t step up and tell his father and the other powerful men what had truly happened.  He let them believe their own narrative that Grey had somehow taken advantage of him, luring him into the storage room for a few minutes of very hot pleasure.    As a result, Grey lost his connections and what he believed was his path into the world of investment banking.  It also set the men on a collision course 15 years into the future. 

Over the next 15 years Grey had his revenge.  He took over each company owned by the men who had snatched away his scholarships and internships that would have helped him in his career.  But he had saved the sweetest revenge for last.  Taking down that bastard, Ellison York, who managed the company with his asshole father, would be sweet, sweet revenge, served very cold. 

As part of a very weird deal, Ellison agreed to be Grey’s personal assistant, on call 24 hours a day, for two weeks.  After that time, Grey would allow the York family to retain the company name, while he stripped it of all its assets.

Naturally, the whole “be my assistant” plan didn’t work out exactly how Grey had imagined.  Instead of being angry and resentful, Ellison was kind, helpful, and genuinely sorry for what he did 15 years earlier.  He was nothing like the spoiled brat Grey imagined he knew back then.  It turned out, unbelievably, that Ellison York was a good person. 

Their chemistry together is scorching, and watching them figure out that things they had believed for most of their lives were not, in fact, true, was satisfying and fun.  As usual, Lucy Lennox draws you right into the story so that after you put it down, you’re practically counting the minutes until you can curl up with it again.  Watching Grey, in particular, grow into someone who was open to being loved, instead of the harsh, bitter and unforgiving man we first meet, is so rewarding, and I LOVED it.