bold brew mm romance series
Title:Hold The Door
Author:Vinni George
Series:Open Doors #1
Setting:San Diego
Characters:Sam & Max
Published:April 15, 2021
Archetype:Workplace, Second Chances
This one is a super slow-burner. It’s worth the wait though. Max and Sam went to college together, but one drunken night, Sam kissed Max under the mistletoe, and that was the end of their friendship. While Sam had always believed their friendship ended because Max was straight, and therefore horrified that Sam had kissed him, it turns out he was VERY wrong about that. When they were in college, Max had been nursing a crush on Sam, without really knowing what that meant for him. When their paths cross 16 years later, Max is no longer confused about his sexuality, and he knows exactly what he wants from Sam this time around.

Both Sam and Max are really likeable characters. I would have loved to have a little more background on both of them, but even without that, they were both easy to relate to. Sam suffers from some pretty major anxiety, and when he first learns that he’s going to have to face Max in the flesh after 16 years without contact, it sends him into an anxious spin. He does his level best to try and ensure he and Max don’t have to live in the same city. Those actions however come back to bite him when he finally realizes how much he cares for Max. It’s satisfying to watch both men realize the lengths to which they will go to be together and take advantage of the second chance the universe handed them.

Hold The Door is a great debut novel by Vinni George, and I look forward to learning more about the supporting cast of characters we were introduced to in upcoming books.