bold brew mm romance series


Title:His Haven
Author:Con Riley
Series:HIs #3
Setting:Cornwall, England
Characters:Mitch & Keir
Published:April 21, 2021
Archetype:Opposites Attract

This is the third book in Con Riley’s “His” series, and  I loved every bit of all these books.  Set in  Cornwall in the beautiful south of England, Con’s writing always leaves me feeling like I’ve just visited the area  (in reality it was more than 20 years ago!!).

Keir and Mitch are opposites, in both looks and personality. Keir is a mostly uptight, buttoned down lawyer. Mitch, on the other hand, is a huge, loud and kind of unruly nurse who works with mentally challenged and traumatic brain injured adults.  Because Keir was badly hurt by a fiance who never showed up for their wedding day, everything Mitch does arouses Keir’s suspicions.

Working on a project for their mutual client together shows Keir the side of Mitch he had missed earlier.  Mitch is kind, understanding, and  non-judgemental. The care and kindness he shows when Keir experiences an unexpected panic attack in public blows him away, and he starts to wonder if he might be wrong about Mitch.  Mitch’s wise advice about Keir needing to work through his substantial emotional baggage is surprisingly on the mark.  Once Keir is able to loosen the tight grip he holds on his past hurts, and allow himself to enjoy time with Mitch, their relationship takes off.

But Keir’s insecurities come back to bite when a simple misunderstanding leads him to assume the worst about Mitch, and he tries to put his walls back up.  But with some help from his best friend, Charles, and most surprisingly some help from the person who hurt him the most, he’s able to see Mitch for who he truly is.  Someone who loves him, wholly and unconditionally.  And the emotional work Mitch encouraged him to do allows him to accept that love, and give it back.

I was sad to see that this was the last book in the series, but immediately felt better when I learned that Charles’ story will be the first in a new series.  I can’t wait.   These are absolutely gorgeous books that leave me feeling happy and wanting more every single time!