Review: Healing Storms by Lynn Burke

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Wow.  If you’re looking for a steamy read, look no further.  Healing Storms will melt your Kindle! 

Healing Storms is the story of 3 broken people who are drawn together, and at risk of sounding clich√©, they help make each other whole again. 

The book’s prologue is from the perspective of Kane’s wife and Charley’s twin sister, Alana.  Alana and their daughter Nat are tragically killed in a car accident during a fierce storm 5 years before our story picks up.  Beginning the book from Alana’s perspective was interesting, because it allowed us to see Kane and Charley from the outside.  We were able to see how both men reacted to the tragedy in real time.  It was a visceral and gripping read – it sucked me into the story immediately. 

5 years later Kane is living pretty much as a hermit in an isolated cabin on the mountain.  He and Charley haven’t spoken in years – both of them blaming themselves for Alana and Nat’s deaths.  Jill arrives in town and catches both of their attention.  She is a beautiful but very timid young woman who is clearly running from something.  But she’s very reluctant to let anyone in, constantly worried for her own safety.

Jill ends up being the bridge to bring Kane and Charley back together.  Their friendship was destroyed after Alana’s death, and Jill is able to not only help them rekindle their friendship, but through her, they are able to finally acknowledge the fact that they have lusted after each other for years – even before Kane was married to Alana.

All three main characters are damaged people, but watching them come back to life after years of isolation is rewarding. Kane and Charley are able to break through Jill’s walls and help her feel safe and beautiful again.   And the sexy bits in this book are smokin’ hot.  Like 5-alarm hot.   But it’s also got all the feels, and the ending will put a smile on your face.  I really liked Healing Storms, and will be reading more of Lynn Burke’s work.

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