Good Intentions Book Cover


Title:Good Intentions
Author:Ella Frank
Series:Intentions Duet #2
Characters:Marcus & Gabe
Published:June 22, 2021
Archetype:Age Gap, Enemies To Lovers

I’ve been chomping at the bit for the rest of Marcus and Gabe’s storyline that began in Bad Intentions.  As usual, Ella Frank does not disappoint! 

I love Ella’s books set in Chicago, because we get little glimpses of characters from her other series. The Intentions Duet features cameos from Logan & Tate from the Temptation series, and of course, Xander and Sean from the Prime Time series.

 Gabe and Marcus’ happily ever after is satisfying and fun.  It’s relatively low-angst (which was great for me since I’ve just finished a book that’s SUPER angsty).  No un-necessary misunderstandings between these lovely men.  We get to see them both grow during the story, and work through the problems that do come up.  They learn from each other , and even with the significant age gap between them, it’s clear they both have things to learn from the other.  Gabe allows Marcus to let go and take care of his heart for the first time, instead of taking care of his career.  Marcus teaches Gabe that while confidence is sexy, so is vulnerability, and once he feels safe with Marcus, and is able to be vulnerable, things get even better.

Once again, I’ve added an Ella Frank novel to my favorites list!  I can’t wait for her next story!