bold brew mm romance series


Author:Casey Cox
Series:Escape #1
Setting:Key West, FL
Characters:Spencer & Cassius
Published:April 2, 2021
Archetype:Best friends, Straight to Gay

I was so happy when I realized that Getaway is the first book in the new Escape series by Casey Cox, because it was SO MUCH FUN!  I can’t wait for more books.

Getaway is the story of Spencer and Cassius.  Best friends since they were little kids, they’ve always had really clear boundaries around their friendship.  Cassius is gay.  Spencer is straight.  Period.  But Spencer has been questioning how straight he actually is for a while, and he’s nervous about telling Cassius because he knows his friend doesn’t adjust to change very well.  When Spencer is gifted a fantastic getaway to a super-luxurious, all-men’s, clothing-optional resort in Key West, he figures that will be an ideal time to tell Cassius how he’s been feeling.  But when they arrive at the resort they get distracted by how awesome it is, and a bunch of chances for them to talk slip away.  Things get a bit weird when they end up sharing one very hot kiss BEFORE Spencer can tell Cass his news.  So Cassius gets super confused, and it causes issues.  Naturally, though, they are able to work things out, and the ride is awesome.  The epilogue is especially fun since it takes us 10 years into the future to see how the happy couple is doing.  And it’s a little surprising!

I really enjoyed Getaway.  Taking the stereotypes of gay and straight guys and flipping them was really fun.  The gay guy being the fashion-challenged, disorganized, kind of slobby dude, while the straight guy being uptight, with amazing fashion sense, unbelievably hot body (from dieting and working out constantly) and planning their trip down to the minute using spreadsheets was super cute.

I didn’t discover the teasers for the next books at the end of Getaway until a couple of days after I finished it, but you don’t want to miss them.  I really can’t wait for them to come out, because Getaway is a light, fun and fluffy feel-good escape that was seriously perfect for this moment in time.