Review: Forget Me Not by Felice Stevens

Jake Axelrod is all alone. He’s been working to raise his 4 year old daughter, Stacey, by himself, since his ex-husband left them 2 years ago.  To make things even worse, something traumatic has happened to Stacey and she stopped talking – right before Brian left.  Since then Jake has felt like the walls have been closing in on him.  He loves Stacey more than anything in the world, but not knowing what happened to her and not knowing how to help is eating him alive.

Shea Montgomery grew up on the Forget Me Not Ranch in Texas, but as a rising star in the modeling world, he’s been planning for years to leave the ranch and move to New York.  His plans were delayed when his father took sick, and Shea remained on the ranch to help take care of him and run the ranch. 

Jake’s company has organized a corporate retreat at the ranch, and he’s absolutely dreading leaving Stacey, even though he has a wonderful babysitter.    But even being at Forget Me Not Ranch for a few days, Jake noticed his stress level dropped dramatically.  Something about the land and the animals on the ranch calmed his soul.  It helped that Shea is the best looking cowboy he’s ever laid eyes on, and not only is he gorgeous, he’s kind and sweet to boot. 

The attraction between Jake and Shea is there right from the start, but their lives are so different, they convince themselves any kind of relationship would be impossible.  But after being home only a few weeks, Jake decides the ranch might be good for Stacey, so they head back for a vacation.

During that week, Shea falls absolutely head over heels in love with both Stacey and Jake, but his dream had always been to leave the ranch.  Even when it becomes clear that Forget Me Not is the best place for Stacey to heal and grow from her trauma, Shea isn’t sure what to do.

In the end, Forget Me Not is a story of being able to accept that plans change.  Sometimes your goals sound amazing to begin with, but as life and circumstances change, different goals and plans may become more important. Both Jake and Shea learn those lessons, and the end result is a sweet love story.