Review: Flirtasaurus by Erin Mallon

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This book is LITERALLY laugh out loud funny.  I LOVE Calliope – she’s SO funny!  She seems like someone you’d want to be friends with – although methinks she might be a little exhausting at times!

Calliope and Ralph first meet at the museum where they both are interning, Calliope is a paleontologist and Ralph is an astronomer.  They are both absolutely brilliant – and quirky; obviously perfect for each other.  Their relationship blossoms pretty naturally, and after getting over a speed-bump caused by a mistake on Calliope’s part, the happy ending they get is perfect for them. 

 I love how Calliope’s brain NEVER slows down, but Ralph has absolutely no problem keeping up with her.  The supporting characters in this book are super entertaining.  Calliope’s family is devoutly Catholic,( her mom is a creationist who believes the universe is only 10,000 years old), so when Calliope the paleontologist brings her boyfriend the astronomer to dinner, things end up getting a little tense.  But it all gets worked out in the end, and both Ralph and Calliope take big steps to improve communication with their families after the showdown that ensues.

Flirtasaurus was a joy to read, and the banter between Ralph and Calliope is smart and fast and funny. There weren’t any steamy bits to be found though, which might be the only thing missing!  But if you want a fast, easy and hilarious read, I would put Flirtasaurus at the top of your list!

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