Filthy Bromance

by R. Cayden


December, 2021

I can’t even come up with the right words to express how much I loved Filthy Bromance.  Reggie, the big, sweet jock with the heart of a teddy bear, and Everett, the grumpy tennis star are one of the best couples I’ve ever read.  Everett landed in Seattle to rehab and lick his wounds after literally breaking his butt at the US Open.  He ends up at Reggie’s gym, and Reggie, who is about the kindest human being on the face of the earth, takes a shine to him.  Even though Everett is determined to shut Reggie and everyone else out of his life so he can focus exclusively on tennis, Reggie worms his way right into Everett’s heart.  Up until meeting each other, both of them thought they were straight, and I LOVED how Reggie, especially, is so completely unaffected by the realization that he’s actually bisexual.  Both of these guys have hearts of gold, which is why I fell so totally in love with both of them.  Even though Everett is a grump, his biggest fear is hurting Reggie. And Reggie is just like a big Golden Retriever – how could anyone not love him?

Filthy Bromance is one of those books I forced myself to read slowly so I could make it last longer.  It’s a low-angst, super sweet with LOTS of heat, comfort read that I with definitely come back to and read again!