Review: Doctor Heartbreaker by Kathryn M. Hearst

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doctor heartbreaker book cover

Rhett and Emily grew up together, and were each other’s first love.  But Rhett made a terrible mistake in college that resulted in him getting another girl pregnant.  Emily was so devastated she left college, joined the military and eventually moved on with her life.  Rhett married the other girl, but in a terrible twist of fate they lost the child to a heart defect when she was a toddler.  Although they divorced, Rhett continued to be manipulated by Lila, and she makes his life miserable a lot of the time.

As a result of being so badly burned, he never dates and is known at his hospital as Doctor Heartbreaker.  But the universe has other plans for him when he agrees to a blind date and she ends up being Emily! 

Emily has seen her share of tragedy, being widowed while pregnant with her first child.  But she put herself back together, and works with a children’s charity, helping to bring sick kids from third world countries to the US to get them life-saving treatment they couldn’t get at home. 

Rhett is assigned as the doctor on Emily’s current patient, and he ends up falling in love with both little Paola and with Emily.  When Emily’s daughter and her mom come for a visit, Rhett knows without a doubt he will never let Emily get away from him again. 

Although she’s hesitant at first, Emily eventually realizes that she and Rhett are perfect for each other.  Their journey back to each other is a sweet, quick read with a fantastic happy ending.   Doctor Heartbreaker is a lovely distraction from real life when we can all use a break from it!  Definitely recommended!

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