Review: Cocky Doc by Samantha Lind

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Cocky Doc is the first romance I’ve read where one of the main characters was physically disabled – Megan has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair to get around.  I really appreciated the fact that that wasn’t a central part of the story though.  Megan is perfectly comfortable in her wheelchair, and isn’t self-conscious at all.  The fact that she uses a chair is just part of who she is, like her hair colour or whether she’s left or right handed. 

Drew is definitely a dreamy hero.  Trust fund kid who is also a doctor because his brother had heart problems as a young child and he wanted to be able to help other kids.

Both characters are super likeable – if just a teeny bit boring.  There isn’t one thing either of them does that isn’t perfectly reasonable.  They don’t argue or have any sort of tension in their relationship, which, while is great for them, I felt like the story was missing something.  It felt more like reading the diaries of two healthy, mature adults who meet, fall in love and find their happily ever after.  No manufactured drama on either part, just a few healthy moments of questioning their relationship – as normal people do. 

Cocky Doc is a sweet story but it’s low on drama and excitement.  The two of them have a beautiful happy ending though, which was my favourite part.  If you’re looking for a sweet story with really lovely main characters and no angst or stress – Cocky Doc would be a good choice.

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