Review: Christmas Carols by B. Harmony

Oh Tyler and Chance.  Absolutely one of my very favourite couples.  This is a super-sweet novella that picks up after they’ve been together for a while, and it’s time to celebrate their first Christmas as an engaged couple.

Tyler doesn’t have great childhood memories of Christmas.  His parents basically disowned him because he was gay, so after his aunt, to whom he was very close, passed away, he didn’t do much for Christmas other than get drunk on peppermint schnapps and watch Christmas movies with his best friend, Del. 

Chance comes from a fairly happy family, although his parents are gone.  But between himself, his sister and her family, he is absolutely determined to give Tyler the amazing family Christmas celebration he has always wanted. 

 Their love for each other shines through SO strongly in Christmas Carols. Both Tyler and Chance put so much thought and effort into making Christmas special for each other.  They just adore each other so much, and it’s such a pleasure to read. Between the love and care they take with choosing gifts for each other, their relentless teasing and goofing around with each other, to the fact that Chance goes way out of his comfort zone to host a huge Christmas Eve gathering to give Tyler the celebration he longs for,  you can’t help but fall crazy-in-love with these two.   I loved The B-Side so much that catching up with this couple felt like a visit with friends I haven’t seen in a year!

A big 5 stars to this sweet, fun, sexy and no angst Christmas fairy tale!  I know B. Harmony is working hard on her next book, which will cover the story of Tyler and Chance’s friend Damon, and I can’t wait!