Review: Charisma Check by Charlie Novak

I’ve been so lucky the past few months – getting to read and review several books from some of my favourite authors –   and Charlie Novak definitely qualifies.  Charisma Check, the second book in her Roll For Love series is one of the best I’ve read in a while!

Edward is a professional cosplayer, and an extremely unique personality.  He comes off as haughty, cold and snobbish to almost everyone – especially to Izzy. But underneath his frosty exterior, Edward lets very few people get close to him.  Only his best friend knows the issues he has with his family.  And generally, that’s exactly how he’d like to keep things.

Izzy is a down-to-earth tattoo artist who started cosplaying with his younger brother as a hobby.  He mostly keeps his real life separate from his cosplay life.  When he and Edward meet for the first time it’s quite literally hate at first sight.  They simply loathe each other right from the start – but even through all the hate there’s something that draws them together, and they have a hot, drunken hookup.  And they keep hooking up at every con they attend.  Things get really wild when they both get asked to attend a film premiere in LA over a 3 day weekend, and due to a mix up at the hotel, they have to share a room.

Both are confused about how their feelings for each other are changing, and neither one knows what it means.  Watching them figure it out is a delightful journey.

I love this series, as Charlie really gets into the cosplay lifestyle, as well as describing their weekly Dungeons and Dragons games with great detail.  All the characters are warm and sweet, and really loveable.  Once Izzy and Edward figure their stuff out they are one of the most adorable and enjoyable couples I’ve read.  I can’t wait for the next book in the series, which looks to give us the story of Lewis – Edward’s long-suffering and completely fabulous personal assistant.