bold brew mm romance series


Title:Broken Pieces & Secret Wishes
Author:L. Luther
Series:His Will & Testament #3
Setting:Port Perry, Ontario
Characters:Jacob, Caleb & Nathan
Published:May 26, 2021
Archetype:Small Town, MMM, Hurt/Comfort

Broken Pieces & Secret Wishes is a lovely book.  Set in small-town Ontario, it’s the story of a cop suffering from PTSD, a photographer on the run from a bad marriage and family situation, and a teacher whose life revolves around taking care of others, but puts himself last.

This is Book 3 in the series, and I haven’t read the first two books, so I was a little lost in parts.  Nathan, the teacher, is a Fae.  I haven’t read any books with supernatural stories, so I really didn’t know what that meant at all.  The only thing I could gather was that Nathan has some type of magic connection to the Earth and to other people. It doesn’t figure into the story other than when he makes the decision to give up his powers.  I definitely thought that bit was intriguing, and it will definitely bring me back to Lex’s books looking for more info on that magic world.

The first of the three to realize he’s falling for two men is Caleb.  He’s loved Nathan since they were kids, and at first he didn’t want to like Jacob, because he was with Nathan.  But as they got to know each other, Caleb sees what a wonderful person Jacob is, and he’s faced with the fact that he’s in love with two men, who are in love with each other.  Around the same time, some painkiller-induced honesty leads to a confession from Nathan, and they discover that they both are feeling things for Caleb.   The three of them stumble toward happiness clumsily. It’s heartwarming to read – all 3 men are sweet and kind, just good people or “gweet” as Jacob declares at one point.

 Once they realize their feelings, I liked how none of them was really afraid to share it with the world.  They had all waited long enough for their happy ending, and once they found it, they weren’t going to keep it hidden to make other people happy.