bold brew mm romance series


Title:Braving His Past
Author:Patricia Eddy
Series:Away From Keyboard #8
Characters:Graham & Quinton
Published:April 27, 2021
Archetype:Hurt/Comfort, Security/Military

This is the first book I’ve read in the Away From Keyboard series, and I must admit, it was NOT what I was expecting. Braving His Past contains some really heavy, intense themes. There were a few parts that were really hard to read, but the difficulty of those parts was balanced out by the amazing tenderness and love between Graham and Quinton.

Both these men are dealing with horrifying, tragic circumstances in their pasts. But they both show so much courage in moving forward with their lives. The things that happened to both of them were bad enough that many people wouldn’t survive. But these two amazing, broken souls find each other, and their jagged pieces fit together in a way that’s incredibly beautiful.

Braving His Past is one of those books that stays with you. I don’t often read books more than once, but this is one that I know I will come back to. Partially because knowing how it turns out will make it easier to read the difficult parts! These characters have burrowed under my skin and I suspect I’ll be thinking about them for a long time. However, if sexual assault and pretty terrible emotional abuse is any kind of trigger for you, this book might not work well. If you can get past those hard parts though, it’s absolutely worth it. This is a book you won’t soon forget.