Review: All In With Him

Sep 3, 2021 | Authors A-C, Latest Reviews Old Format, Old Format Reviews

Book Cover of All In With Him by Lauren Blakely
Title:All In With Him
Author:Lauren Blakely
Series:Men of Summer #3
Setting:San Francisco
Characters:Grant& Declan
Published:September 4, 2021
Theme/TropeSports, Maturing Relationship


Oh Wow.  Grant and Declan are SOO swoony.  I love the fact that Lauren wrote this third book and allowed us a look into how they are as an actual couple, experiencing the growing pains that come to EVERY couple.  They’re different people, with very different personalities, and in some ways, very different comfort zones.  Navigating that isn’t normally easy for any couple, and while I LOVE my romances that show us the thrilling, exciting experiences of falling in love and getting together…. This picture of a couple working to figure out how to navigate their forever, in a way where they are both happy, and can stay true to themselves is an awesome change of pace. It’s seriously hard work!!  The fact that they both have high-profile careers where they both travel constantly doesn’t help.  Naturally, being Lauren Blakely, the juicy bits are extra steamy; Grant and Dec are off the charts hot.  But I think my favourite part of the book was seeing them come out the end, still strong, but with a WAY clearer view of how much work it is to stay together as a couple , and to stay in love for the long term.  

I love this couple, and adored this 3-book series. I hope to see these guys pop up in Lauren’s future books, because I just don’t wanna say goodbye completely!!