Review: A Guy Walks Into My Bar by Lauren Blakely

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This book…. Oh  My  God   I LOVE this book. Lauren Blakely’s first MM romance and she hit it out of the park! A Guy Walks Into My Bar is going immediately onto my favourites list!

One night while he’s in London helping his sister get settled there, James Fitzgerald, star NHL defenseman, walks into The Magpie, a bar co-owned by super sexy bartender Dean Collins. He immediately decides he wants Dean, but what he doesn’t bargain for is that Dean is more than just hot. He is the most amazing person Fitz has ever met.  Dean doesn’t give in right away, but eventually Fitz’ earnest, open personality and amazingly sexy body become impossible to resist.  Neither of them is keen on any kind of romantic attachment, but a fling sounds great.  Given that Fitz heads back to the States in just a few days, their time together has a very defined expiration date.  And that suits them both just fine. Naturally, neither one of them is able to stick to their original plan of keeping it just a fling, and they fall hopelessly in love.  The ride is SO much fun to be on with them. 

Fitz is one of the sweetest heroes I’ve come across.  I want to be his sister, or his best friend or something. I just want more Fitz in my life.  He’s just the best person.  And Dean is sweet and funny, and sarcastic and all kinds of fun.  I seriously want this couple to be my neighbours and have them over for dinner all the time!

This book was SUCH a joy.  Of course it was going to have a happy ending, but I wasn’t sure how  it would work out, given that each of them was so settled in their respective lives. It’s SUCH a satisfying ending, and the multiple epilogues give us a glimpse into their lives several years into the future which I loved.   A Guy Walks Into My Bar is absolutely one of my favourite reads so far this year.  I can’t wait for Lauren’s next MM romance!