Release Blitz & Review! Teacher by Fiona Cole

Voyeur Series Book #6

Teacher by Fiona Cole book cover

Oh.  My. God.    I’ve been waiting for what feels like for-eh-vah for the sixth and final book in Fiona Cole’s AMAZING Voyeur Series.  Fiona Cole is one of my FAVOURITE authors, and as usual, she did NOT disappoint!!

The heat between Daniel and Hanna is delicious.  But it’s more than heat, they begin as friends.  Even though they are attracted to each other, there is care and concern and true friendship before their attraction turns into more.   After surviving the horrific trauma of being kidnapped and held for several months by a sex trafficking ring, and watching her twin sister die during the ordeal, Hanna longs for intimacy.  It’s the one thing she hasn’t been able to conquer in the hundreds of hours of counseling she’s gone through in the 9 years since she was rescued.  There is something she trusts about Daniel, and he offers to try and help her overcome her fears.  The fact that he owns Voyeur, the “live porn club” is pretty helpful in this regard. 

While Daniel has an honest desire to help Hanna, he is partly motivated by guilt he carries over a relationship from many years ago.  He blames himself for what he sees as his inability to help someone he loved, and it ended in tragedy.  In Teacher, not only is Daniel able to help Hanna get through her fears, but Hanna is able to help him realize his own strength:  he IS strong enough to love someone again. He realizes he can’t be responsible for choices another person makes.  Daniel is awed by Hanna’s strength, but he is also reassured by his knowledge that she is a true survivor, and she will always survive, with or without him.

Teacher is a steamy read, but it’s also emotionally wrenching.  Even trying to imagine the horrors endured by victims of sex slavery is awful. But Fiona has written Hanna as a legitimate survivor.  Her strength as a person is inspirational.  I love how strong Hanna is, and I love how incredibly supportive Daniel is of her, without coddling or smothering her.  They make an adorable couple – and a very sweet ending to the Voyeur series.  It was SO good, but I’m so sad that this is the last book in the series!  Fiona!  Tell us what’s next…. please???

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