Review: One Moment Please by Amy Daws

Book Cover of One Moment Please by Amy Daws

“That awkward moment when an ER doctor has to inform you that you’re pregnant with his baby.”

This was such a cute book.  In my current quest to find books that are light and fun and DO NOT stress me out,  this one is definitely a winner.

I’m not usually a huge fan of the surprise baby after a one night stand trope – but this one wasn’t too painful.  Lynsey is an adorable character.  She’s sweet and funny and light-hearted.   She’s a major contrast to Josh – who definitely earns his nickname of Dr. Dick. 

Josh really is a dick.  He’s pretty clearly protecting himself from past pain he hasn’t dealt with.  But we don’t actually find out what his real story is until pretty late in the book.  We get glimpses – much like Lynsey herself does, but when the story does come out, it’s a heartbreaker.  And it’s pretty easy to understand why he’s closed himself off.    This book made me cry, and not many books actually do that, but somehow I didn’t find it overly stressful.  In the end, the sadness got dealt with in the best possible way, and maybe there was enough foreshadowing that I knew it was going to be okay.

I feel like Josh would have been a better character if he had given us MORE glimpses of his vulnerable side.  He was REALLY closed off and REALLY was an ass to Lynsey, and part of me wondered why on Earth she gave him as many chances as she did.  When he did finally come around, it was REALLY quick, and it was a total and complete 180 degree turn from where he started out.  It was a little bit whiplash inducing.  However, this meant there wasn’t much angst in the story – which was perfect for me right now. 

One Moment Please is a fun escape from reality – which is sorely needed in these dark days.  I enjoyed it enough to plan to go back and read the other books in the series, so that should count as a win!