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Goode To Be Badd by Jasinda Wilder

Goode to Be Bad Book Cover


Myles North- he’s the epitome of rock star hotness, with a killer body, a wicked smile, and a talent for driving me insane in all the most delicious ways. He’s good. A good man, a good friend, a talented performer, and an incredible lover. He’s literally everything a woman could ever ask for in a man.

Which is the greatest problem of them all, and I’ve got a lot of problems. My past is dark and secret and filled with unimaginable pain. I’ve built a brash, badass, loud-mouthed, exhibitionist, opinionated persona to be my armor against the world…and Myles North sees right through it to the truth of me.

* * *

Lexie Goode is sexy as sin, talented as hell, and has a razor-sharp tongue—and a past steeped in secrets and pain, which she hides from the world behind her tough, ballsy, figure-flaunting exterior. I’ve fallen for the girl, and hard. I want all of her, sharp corners and dark secrets and all. I’ll stop at nothing to earn her trust, and the truth of her past. But will I be able to hang on for the wild-ass ride that is Lexie Goode? (less)

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