Hired: Hadley

by Nora Phoenix

Nora Phoenix is one of my automatic-buy authors. The Foster Brothers series focuses on four men who grew up in group homes, and decided to make their own family. Hadley’s story is the second book in the series.

Hadley is generally happy with his job working for a temp agency. He doesn’t like commitments, so if there’s a job he doesn’t like, he knows he doesn’t have to stay long, and he likes the variety of doing lots of different things. One of his agency’s clients is Sebastian LeClerc, a notoriously grumpy CEO of a successful robotics firm. Hadley’s friend gets the assignment, but when she falls sick, she begs him to take over for her while she recovers.

Once he gets his feet wet at LeClerc, he realizes that part of the reason Sebastian is such an ass is because he’s overwhelmed with admin tasks no CEO should have to do. So he sets about creating systems and generally making the whole place run more smoothly.

Sebastian first notices Hadley when he doesn’t seem to be afraid of him like the other temps. If he’s a jerk, Hadley lets him know. It doesn’t take too long for him to realize Hadley isn’t only making his work life better, his entire life is better. Underneath his cranky exterior, Sebastian is a thoughtful, sweet and caring person, but Hadley’s the only one who’s been able to see it in years.

As usual, Nora’s characters feel like real people. Learning what makes both of them tick, and how they make each other better is so much fun to watch. There’s plenty of heat as well. The relationship between the four foster brothers is fascinating too. They are much closer than many real siblings, and they truly love each other unconditionally. I loved Hired: Hadley and I can’t wait for the rest of the series so we can learn more about the two remaining brothers.

The Highlights…

TitleHired: Hadley
AuthorNora Phoenix
SeriesThe Foster Brothers #2
CharactersHadley & Sebastian
Trope or ArchetypeGrumpy/Sunshine