• Author: Jeris Jean
  • Series: Hollywood Hopefuls
  • Book #: 2
  • Publication Date:

Bottom Line

Felix and Ethan’s story.




Review: Drawing Lines by Jeris Jean

Book 2 of the Hollywood Hopefuls series is SO good! In fact, I think Felix and Ethan might be my favourite couple of the series so far! We met both Ethan and Felix in Book 1, Running Lines. Ethan was the super competent, cute and fun PA on the set of Frost Manor, and Felix was Greyson Winter’s best friend and roommate – Greyson being the star of the show. Felix is a personal trainer to many big Hollywood stars. We get a glimpse of the first time Ethan and Felix actually meet – 5 years in the past when Ethan is dropping off a script for Greyson, so we get to understand the effect they have on each other right from the first time they lay eyes on each other. But five years later a whole bunch of things have changed: Ethan is now a talent agent with a big firm. Grayson and Finn are his first two big clients, and he’s bound and determined to be a huge success in the industry because he wants nothing more than to be able to take care of his mom, who is starting to slow down but can’t afford to stop working. Ethan puts his real passion – screenwriting – aside because he fears he won’t be able to make a steady enough income as a writer. Felix is still a trainer, and he loves his job. The only part about it that he doesn’t love is the fact that his parents make him feel like a disappointment since he didn’t become a pro football star like his dad, nor did he become a doctor or lawyer or anything “important”. But he’s not great in the relationship department – sticking mostly to hookups – since he’s been nursing a huge crush on Ethan since they first met. These two are just the cutest couple. They both start out so shy and insecure with each other, it’s adorable. But gradually they figure it out. Insecurity is a bitch, and it can hold us back from SO much – it was lovely to watch these two really great characters work through their insecurities and be able to grab onto each other. I LOVED Drawing Lines and I can’t wait for the next book!