Cover Reveal: From The Ground Up

Apr 7, 2022 | Coming Soon, Coming Soon & New Releases, Teasers and Cover Reveals

From The Ground Up, a new, steamy mm romance, and the first book in the Hot Dam Homes series by Harper Robson, is coming on April 29th, and we have the gorgeous cover reveal for you!

Book Cover for From The Ground Up by Harper Robson

From The Ground Up is a steamy M/M romance. If you love stories with A-list movie stars, sweet blue-collar dudes, beautiful homes, loveable family members and of course, happy endings, you may want to give it a try!  Features hurt/comfort and sexual awakening tropes. Book One of the Hot Dam Homes series.

Always have an exit strategy. That’s how I’ve lived my life for ten years, and so far things are going just fine. I never get into a situation without knowing exactly when and how to get out. I don’t do commitments; not jobs, not social plans, and definitely not relationships. I learned the hard way how bad the alternative can be.

I’ve spent the last five years running from loneliness, and I’ve done a damn fine job. Now I feel ready to put down roots and make a home for myself – somewhere other than Hollywood. I think I’ve found the right place, and I thought I found the right person. But I’m not sure I’m ready to burn all my bridges behind me, and I’m afraid that may be the only I can prove how important he is to me.

About Harper Robson

Harper Robson is a debut M/M romance author. From The Ground Up is her first published work. She didn’t read romance for many years, but upon discovering M/M a few years ago, she finally found her tribe.

Some of her favorite authors include Kelly Fox, Nora Phoenix, KM Neuhold, Jeris Jean and more.

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