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Dearest readers of All The Juicy Bits!  Brace yourselves – I have an announcement!

After much dithering and freaking out, I’ve decided to start my own web design studio!  Aerie Web Design has officially launched and I’m ready to take on new web design clients!

My hope is to carve out a niche working with indie authors like many of you – helping you build awesome websites that allow you be more connected to your readers, like me.   (I promise, this isn’t just a way for me to stalk my favourite authors… mostly…)

I’m going to do a longer post where I spill a little more of my guts about how and why Aerie Web Design came to be, but for those of you who just really want to get on with it – here’s the deal: is the website. If you’re interested in a renovation of your online home, or building something brand new, I would be absolutely thrilled to work with you! As I’m building my portfolio, I’m going to be offering some really great pricing for custom author websites.    So check out the site and follow me on social if you’re so inclined!

Thanks for reading this far – but mostly thanks to all of you for writing the books that threw me a lifeline over the past 18 months of pandemic hell.  I’ll be forever grateful to those of you who were able to build worlds I could escape into during this shitty time.



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